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Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry where all college students from any religious background are welcome. We hope you'll join us!

Wesley Dorm

Wanna be a Wesley Dorm Guy?

Read a little about Wesley and the dorm expectations, then fill out the application below. After applications are received, interviews will be set up and offers made in a timely manner.

2019-2020 Auburn Wesley Foundation Dorm Application DUE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23!!!

AWF Statement of Purpose

Understanding our call to witness in the campus community to the mission, message, and life of Jesus Christ, the Auburn Wesley Foundation fellowship reaches out and receives people in the name of Jesus Christ.  We provide opportunities for our participants to strengthen their relationship with God and to relate to each other in love and acceptance.  Finally, we equip them for vital discipleship and send them out in service and sacrifice.


As a resident of the Wesley dorm, you will be asked to live up to four basic expectations. First, we expect you to be a very active part of the ministry. A second expectation is that you will commit to a Christian dorm lifestyle. We don’t set a bunch of rules here; the men of the dorm gather together to set a covenant and we work to achieve an environment Christ would desire. Third, you are expected to be an ambassador for Christ, both within Wesley and outside of the fellowship. A fourth area is financial. For 2019-2020, $415 is expected by the 7th of the month and is paid in advance per month, August through April. In addition, a deposit of $415 in February is needed to secure the room. This deposit will be refunded when you vacate the facility in good condition. Our regular resident period begins August 8, 2019 and runs through May 8, 2020, which fits the University schedule. 

Summer options are also available, either for residency or for the possibility to store some of your belongings and for you to keep your key over the summer for a fee. 

What’s included?

Each Wesley dorm resident has a key to enter from the dorm door up the stairs behind the building, and a separate key to his room. Dorm rooms have one resident to a room, with most rooms sharing a bathroom suite-style. No more than 3 residents share one bathroom. Each room should at least have a twin bed, chest of drawers, and desk included. There is internet (wireless and ethernet) for the dorms, and rooms have central heat and A/C controlled in the hallway. Dorm residents have a shared kitchen with sink, stove, oven, 2 refrigerators, and a microwave. Nearby are the washer and dryer, with a laundry schedule set by the guys. The dorm has its own shared living area with sofas, etc.. The dorm area can be locked off from the rest of the building, which is open to the entire fellowship.

Now, please fill out the application below.

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Building Relationships
So that we might get to know you better, please answer the following questions here or type them and email or hand to Patricia.
What does that mean to you, biblically and experientially? Have you been a part of a covenant community? If so what was that like? If you haven’t been what could you imagine it would be like and what you hope to contribute / gain from the experience?
As you understand Wesley ministry now, where would you plan/like to be involved?
Examples: extrovert/introvert, love reading, outdoors person, etc.
COMMITMENTS - type your name as your signature for each commitment.
With God's help, I will.
With God's help, I will.
An interview will be set up within the next couple of weeks. Thank you!