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We're on a bus, We're on a plane, We're on a bus!

Tanzania Blog

We're on a bus, We're on a plane, We're on a bus!

Shelby Cook

Today is the day! The sun is shining, our bags are packed, and we're finally on our way! We have been counting down the days from spring break to finals, to the exact minute of our departure. (By the way, mom, I'm going to Africa... won't be home for dinner.)

We left the Auburn Wesley Foundation at 1:45, a full 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Through great leadership and hard work, we are finally on our way to serve across the globe in Tanzania, Africa.  


Atlanta to Amsterdam:

Our flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam seemed to be going well, key word, seemed. The water filtration system was malfunctioning, delaying our 7:56 flight by 5 hours. #newplane,whodis

Amsterdam to Nairobi

Amsterdam is 7 hours earlier than central time, so we arrived in Amsterdam at 3:50 local time. We will board at 7:15 in route to Nairobi. We are currently waiting till then, stretching our legs, checking out final grades, and preparing our hearts and mind for another culture.

Nairobi to Tanzania (COMING)

I'll keep you updated on our travels, keep us in your prayers as we continue our travels! We are all safe, nothing has been lost, and we are growing together - God has been with us.

In Christs Name,

The 2017 Tanzania Team


Mom, I'm not overly concerned, but don't forget to feed the cats!