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Tanzania Blog

Tuesday, May 23

Shelby Cook


Today we had our first program day in Gabimori! We had some hang time with a little rough start, so we broke out the soccer ball and started a game. After an hour of trying to keep up with their quick feet, we started construction. We mixed concrete and laid brick of the new church. Eric, Megan, and Price built a stove - super fast! Then the wanafunzi (students) cooked ugali and several fish on the new stove! They were impressed with how well it worked.  

After a pb&j lunch, we went back for some more construction. We are slowly learning how to be good fundis (masons). Then we did the first day of our youth program. We had many kids, so when we got to the discussion groups we let them play soccer while we talked to the youth and adults. They had a lot of stories to share; many of them were sad tragic stories. We grew closer together and talked about the struggles of trusting God through hard times. 

After the long bumpy ride back, we had dinner, our team meeting, and devotion time. Megan shared about how God has been at work in her life. Let's just say, she has been through some rough waters. She shared a verse at the end of her devo, Isaiah 43:2. CRAZY THING, Shelby, who has been home sick all day, painted that very same verse earlier today. (And she had no idea.)

Go God.

Katie -kuku- Rhodes  


Yeah, I was sick today, but I got SO much accomplished today! I started my morning by getting locked in the bathroom. It was quite complicated, and I thought Glenn was about to knock down the door when I asked him to slide a screw driver through the window. I got out, it was cool. Next, from sheer exhaustion, I took a nap. Then I read, then I took a nap; then I played games, then I painted a picture. Fun day!

The internet here is a little shotty most of the time, so blogs and pictures a challenge I am trying to figure out. I guess that's what I get for going to a third world country.

I'm super proud of the work my team did today, and I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow. Life is great when you're in Africa. Or in America, or anywhere. Life is good and God has now boundaries. Go God!

Through Christ,

2017 Tanzania Team


JOHN: When did the sky get to be so big?