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Tanzania Blog

Monday, May 22

Shelby Cook

Today was fairly out of the ordinary as far as days here go.  John and I started the day refreshed after the first hot showers we had in weeks, however they came at the price of minor electrocutions which we assume was caused by the hot water system.  After breakfast we headed out to Gabimori to attend a funeral for one of the community members who passed away a few days ago.  On the way we stopped on the shore of Lake Victoria to take some photos and afterwards we somehow made it to Gabimori over the rough roads without the van getting stuck which was tough but I never once doubted that Nicholas, our driver, would prevail in the situation. 

Attending the funeral was a new experience for us, we could empathize with the community to the extent that many of us have lost loved ones in the past, but most of us did not know the man who had passed away so it was difficult to be emotionally invested.  After the service we were welcomed with tea, rice, and mendazi, which was very gracious, before we headed back to Shirati.  

The evening features us getting prepared once more to get to work after a few days off.  Tomorrow's agenda includes construction on a church in Gabimori, working on stove teaching, and starting our children's program with day 1 in Gabimori.  

Should our technology prevail, stay tuned to hear about that tomorrow.