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Tanzania Blog

Monday, May 15

Shelby Cook

It's MonDAy!

Today we played a soccer game with many of street kids that we've been teaching English to. Highlights of the game mostly involve us getting taken to school, but overall, I think everyone had fun and we were able to bond with the youth through the power of "the beautiful game". Although the score ended 3-0 to the Tanzanians, I think we played a pretty solid game, and just got gassed by the end. *Insert Falcons blowing 28-3 lead joke here*. The game encompassed our entire morning, and we were pretty pooped. We then discover that our water had some dirt in it from the monster rain storm we had the night before, so we had to learn how to take bucket showers quick fast. After recharging a little, we resumed regular scheduled programming at the church with the kids. Our message today conveyed that God is the most important thing in the world, and to seek him we have to battle through many distractions. We taught the kids "He's Got The Whole World", and sang more Swahili songs. We might be sore in the morning from playing two full halves, but we're still trucking along. 

God Bless,

David Lischer

How any times must I tell you?

So normally, I would say I DO NOT RUN, it is not ideal, but today, today was the day. We played soccer with the street kids, and boy, did I run around in circles. We didn't win - I blame the high altitude, it interfered with our breathing and endurance and skills, right, that was it.

Monday, today, was our easy(er) day; we played soccer in the morning and held our youth/children's program in the afternoon. We got the the church when Megan, Madison, and I noticed we had on the same skirt - turns out I do know fashion and can set trends!

I think the most exciting thing about today though was having french fries for dinner. You're probably thinking, "Really Shelby, you were excited about french fries???"  and I say YES! I have loved the food here, but it's comforting to have any type of food that can remind you of home.

We've learned a lot here in Tarime, Tanzania. We have learned to take the small victories, like french fries at dinner, the bonding you create with rafikis (friends) over soccer, or the first sip of water after a hot day. I have become very aware of how I live my life in America, with nearly unlimited resources at my disposal, a support system, and a safe sanctuary to call my own; not everyone has this. Today, I had kids begging me for water, I talked with children that sleep on the streets, with children that have faced a hard life before they even reach the age of 10. It definitely pulls strings in your heart to examine how fortunate we are in America. I know we joke about 'first world problems' but there are definitely bigger issues than your cell-hone charger not quite reaching your bed, or burning your mouth on a  hot pocket.

Examine, consider, and make a new plan. Missions can change a communities outlook on certain things, but missions can also expose new things to you. I highly encourage you to think about how you can serve somewhere, change someone else's life, let God change yours.

Prayerful planning, living, and worship,

2017 Tanzania Team


I am appalled that no one has mentioned this, BUT we live with baby goats; they try walking in the house all the time, and they are really cute. We love to cuddle with them (except when mama goat gets mad and tries chasing us...)