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Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry where all college students from any religious background are welcome. We hope you'll join us!

One Team, One Dream

Tanzania Blog

One Team, One Dream

Megan Swanson

Together, We Can!

You've heard about us, but now you get to meet each and every one of us! Please flip through and pray over each member of our team as we prepare for a great adventure together.

Price Foshee: Junior; Business Management

Sydney Nicholas: Junior; Global Studies

Eric Somner: Sophomore; Mechanical Engineering

Katie Rhodes: Junior; Global Studies

John Ragland: Sophomore; Electrical Engineering

Madison Church: Sophomore; Global Studies

David Lischer: Sophomore; International Business  

Shelby Cook: Sophomore; Political Science

Megan Swanson: Junior; Natural Resource Management

Featured member: Megan Swanson
Fun Facts: "I once went scuba diving with sharks in Fiji. My middle name is both a French word and an airplane maneuver. Yellow M&Ms are my favorite."
Looking Forward to Most: "I can’t wait to meet and work with the incredible people in Tanzania!"


After much thought a deliberation, our team constructed one million different ways to raise the needed funds for our missions in Africa, and these are the keepers. We are excited to announce our fundraisers, feel free to contact to get involved, to donate, or support us!

  • [RE] Purpose for a Purpose: Every year, so many natural resources are wasted. We decided to re-purpose pallets into benches. These benches may be purchased as unfinished ($50) or stained ($65).
  • Benefit Nights: Local restaurants have generously agreed to host benefit nights at their establishments for the 2017 Tanzania Missions Team. A member just takes a flyer stating that they are a part of our group, and a percentage of their order goes towards our mission. We had so much success at our last benefit night (Feb. 17) at Piology and look forward to many more in the near future (dates to come).
  • Head to Head: Two local Wesley 'celebrities' battle head to head in a coin drive, the loser has to perform an embarrassing act in front of everyone. Sammye reigned over Shelby Collins, forcing him to record a lip sync video to Hips Don't Lie! Stay tuned for our next celebrity battle of Head to Head at AWF.
  • Downtown Doughnuts: Who doesn't like doughnuts???
  • Work Week (MONTH): This semester, we have decided to extend our work week and take on more projects. Locals may hire Wesley students during work week to perform those dreaded tasks such as annual yard work, spring cleaning, or even just sweeping the patio clean (the patio where you could have your very own hand-crafted, re-purposed bench!).
  • Stress Kits: We are also actively expanding our stress kits this semester. Finals are a stressful time for everyone, but never to fear, our stress kits relieve a lot of pain! These cram bags include healthy snacks (and a few not so healthy for the really tough studying...) and may be paired with a whole cookie cake. Don't stress, impress!

It's One Team, One Dream

Take off is in 57 days (03/09/17). It hasn't hit me that I will be traveling to Africa yet. We are growing as a team, growing in Christ, and I can't wait to serve side-by-side these wonderful people! As our departure date creeps closer, you'll hear more from me, as for right now, keep loving us, keep supporting us, and keep praying over our preparations.

Until Next Time, 

The 2017 Tanzania Team


Oh. and WAR EAGLE!