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Tanzania Blog

Tanzania: the Final Frontier

Megan Swanson

Hello friends, family, and all other mission enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Tanzania 2017 Missions' Team Blog! We are so excited that you have chosen to subscribe to our wildest adventures. Please be on the lookout for new posts throughout this journey to keep up with the movement of God, He's going to be performing some pretty amazing works within the community, our team, and each individual heart. 


I hear you, my mom asked me the same questions! I shall be your guide through the shaky terrains of our missions! 

WHO: After much prayer, discernment, and interviews, we have compiled a team of 9 Wesley students who displayed a passion for international missions.

WHAT: What are we even doing? I can tell you with 100% confidence that I honestly don't know. Yes, I can share with you that we will be working side-by-side the community in Tanzania through developmental work, and paying special attention to the children, but the details are up in the air. You are probably thinking "Shelby, why would you tell me this? Why are you traveling half-way across the world and you really don't know what you're doing yet?" Well, have I got an answer for you: part of being missional is practicing a posture of listening. This means that we listen to the needs of the people opposed to telling them what we think they need. We have placed our faith in God to equip us to walk along side this community, and he certainly will prevail.

WHEN: May 7, 2017, we head towards the airport. We will travel 25+ hours towards Tanzania and spend 3 weeks serving with God's children. 

WHERE: You've heard of it before; you can probably spell it; but do you even know where Tanzania is? Tanzania is on the South Eastern coast of Africa, just a hop and a skip from Auburn, Alabama.

What can YOU do?

As our team prepares our hearts and bags for Africa, we ask for your love, prayers, and support. We are hard at work with bonding as a team, planning/preparing materials, and fundraising for our trip, 

Stay posted on our fundraisers and how you can get involved! We have so much left to prepare: passports, updating shot records, and many more meetings. We're so excited to carry out the Lord's work in Tanzania!

War Eagle and Till Next Time,

The 2017 Tanzania Team