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Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry where all college students from any religious background are welcome. We hope you'll join us!

Ministry Intern Information

 Ministry Intern 2019-2020 - Auburn Wesley Foundation

Application Due 3/21/19, 11:59pm


The Auburn Wesley Foundation is committed to a ministry model emphasizing student leadership in Christ. A significant part of the ministry model is the role staff and interns fill in the empowerment of students in spiritual and leadership development. Each year a team of interns is given the opportunity to support students, explore ministry and become members of a staff totally committed to living out the Wesley Foundation purpose.

Purpose: Understanding our call to witness in the campus community to the mission, message and life of Jesus Christ, the Auburn Wesley Foundation Fellowship reaches out and receives people in the name of Jesus Christ. We provide opportunities for our participants to strengthen their relationship with God and to relate to each other in love and acceptance. Finally, we equip them for vital discipleship and send them out in service and sacrifice.


I.                 Expectations:

a)     Full time position on staff of the ministry

b)     Full participation in a learning covenant approach to job description development. The initial eight aspects covered in the covenant are: Ministry Context, Worship, Missional Life- Social Action, Pastoral Care, Administration, Christian Education/ Discipleship, Evangelism, and Personal Nurture. Other aspects can be added.

c)     Core areas of responsibility are shared across the entire staff but each intern’s areas of ministry focus come from areas of ministry which include: Evangelism- Outreach, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Missions. Other areas of need that interns may focus upon are: public relations, media, social media, and new ministry development.

d)     Interns are committed to Christ and have gifts for ministry. They live an exemplary lifestyle and have a strong compassion for students.

e)     Participate in fundraising for the ministry.

 II.               Commitment of Intern

a)     40 + Hour work week significant portion of which is on campus and office hours.

b)     Present at all major Wesley events ( Dinner, Bible Study, Worship, retreats and major special occasions)

c)     Willing to share the load in covering special events with other staff (Tailgates, Fundraisers, missions etc.)

d)     Term of employment is August to mid-May

e)     Continue growing in Christ.

 III.             Stipend

a)     Intern stipend for 2018/19 is $1,200 per month

b)     Insurance is expected/ required but not funded by the ministry.



a) There are three types or levels of intern possibilities. They are:

1)     Seminary Intern- designed for seminary students near graduation or who have recently completed seminary

2)     Ministry Interns- designed for those who have completed their undergrad education and have gifts for ministry. (Exceptions are sometimes made to allow students in their last year /last semester of undergrad to begin interning previous to graduation.)

3)     Academic Intern- designed for students needing an internship for graduation. These positions are not funded.

 b) Currently, Seminary and Ministry Interns are funded by the ministry. Academic internships are not funded positions. Ministry interns receive $1,200 per month and must have insurance. Time commitment for the internship is nine months (August – early May) but some exceptions may be considered.

 For more information contact David Goolsby or Tony Jeck

 Now, go to the APPLICATION to submit it.

 Application Due Date:   March 21, 2019, 11:59 pm – submit online or fill out a paper version and place it in the envelope on Patricia’s window.