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Discipleship Blog

Summer Missions: Grant Keith

Wesley Worship


This past summer I had the opportunity to go to Neuenburg, Germany to work alongside the Neuenburg International Church and the Neuenburg Atomics. This summer offered many great experiences along with challenges. Mission work in Germany is unlike many other countries. They aren’t in material need, but their spiritual need is great.

                  The hardest part of this summer was not seeing tangible results. Germany doesn’t offer the results like working in a third world country does. You hope that by the way you live your life and the way you reflect Christ makes the guys you are around see a difference and question what it is that gives you that difference. There aren’t wells needing to be built to give clean water. There aren’t house that need to be built to give shelter. There are churches that need bodies, and bodies that need church. Seeds were planted this summer and hopefully continue to grow long after the time I spent there thanks to the few Christians that are there to continue that growth in those guys lives. 

                  A few of the highest moments of this summer was winning the league that the Atomics were a part of. The team had their best season in the history of the club, winning 23 games and only losing 1. A long with the winning the title, we were also just an hour away from the Swiss Alps. This offered the opportunity to go and climb in these mountains and experience just the awe of creation. Standing high above the ground, facing a fear of heights, and just being in complete speechlessness is a feeling I won’t soon forget.

                  This experience offered a chance to be in a culture completely different from the deep South. The growth and development that I was able to have was amazing.  It offered the chance to grow into my faith and establish what I truly believed. Not being surrounded by believers is something that will push you and motivate you to become stronger in your faith and I’m thankful for every minute spent in Neuenburg this summer.

                  In Christ,

             Grant Keith