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Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry where all college students from any religious background are welcome. We hope you'll join us!

D-Group Leader App

Interviews will be held in the Fall. You will receive more details throughout the summer via email. If you have any questions, please contact Ben Gourley.

D Group leaders have the opportunity to facilitate a weekly Bible study and act as a spiritual leader to a group of 4-7 people from the fellowship. Groups are focused on growing together in Christ through in-depth Bible study, accountability, prayer, and investing in one another.

Leaders must commit to weekly planning meetings in addition to weekly D-Group meetings. This is the minimum time commitment, as leaders are encouraged to reach out to D-Group members outside of the allotted D-Group time and prepare individually for D-Group discussions. Please plan to commit 4-5 hours every week to being a D-Group leader.  Please consider your time commitments for the 2019-2020 academic year prior to completing an application.

We will soon form a covenant with council and leadership, but as a leader within Wesley you are encouraged to refrain from alcohol consumption if you are under 21 and continue in abstinence or practice moderation if you are of age.  We also ask that you honor your body by practicing healthy sexual boundaries.  Lastly, we expect our leaders to be conscious of the effects of their words on others. As Christians we are called to speak the truth in love, not anger, jealousy, or dishonesty. All of these are in accordance with the scriptures.  In choosing to be a leader in this ministry, you are positioning yourself as role model for anyone who may walk through our doors or attend an event.  This is a big responsibility, but it should not feel like a burden.  As Christians we try to model ourselves after Jesus Christ, and that includes extending grace to one another when we fall.  Please near all this in mind as you pray over this application, and feel free to talk with Council members and former leaders about leadership here at Wesley.

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