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Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry where all college students from any religious background are welcome. We hope you'll join us!

Work Weeks Job Request

Request Auburn Wesley Foundation students to work for you, and then you make a donation of your choice to the Auburn Wesley Foundation that goes straight to our missions programs! 

We are thankful for your help in our serving Christ locally, nationally, and globally.

Fall Work Weeks are scheduled for October 22 - November 2.  

Fill out the form, then a student will call or email you to coordinate calendars and schedule your job!  Sometimes that takes patience, considering your and students' busy schedules. Please try to guess the number of students and time of work as closely as possible, since students are managing classes, studying, and jobs as they volunteer to serve during Work Weeks.

How do you donate after the work is done?  You may hand a check to the student team, mail a check or bring one by Wesley, or make a donation below the Job Request Form using your credit card.

Name *
Please tell the nature of the work. Housework? Yard work? Raking? etc. We regret that we are unable to do jobs that are too large.
Best Phone Number *
Best Phone Number
Alternate Phone Number
Alternate Phone Number
Enter street address and ZIP so students can enter it into google maps, please.
Please try to be as accurate as possible, as students plan work week jobs around classes and studying.
Please note if they need to try to bring extra rakes, gloves, etc.

2018 Puerto Rico. We plan to send another team Spring Break 2019 for continued hurricane relief

2017 Tanzania Worship - A team will go to Tanzania Summer 2019

 Super Missions Saturday - several each semester

Super Missions Saturday - several each semester

Crop Drops, to help feed the hungry, happen every fall and spring.

Thank you for supporting Auburn Wesley Foundation's missions.  A Wesley student will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your job.  Please be patient, as it is tough matching several students' crazy schedules with yours! If you have questions along the way, please email our missions leadership team.  

Thank you!

You may hand your donation to the team or to bring/mail one to Wesley, but if you prefer to use a credit card, go ahead and donate with the button below and make a remark that it is for Work Weeks, please!  THANK YOU!