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Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry where all college students from any religious background are welcome. We hope you'll join us!

Auburn Wesley Cooperative Parish - Student Pastor Application

Please read the information on this page. If you have already read it and want to go straight to the application, click here.  Applications should be filled out before 11:59pm on Sunday, March 25th.

What is the Auburn Wesley Parish?

   The Auburn Wesley Parish is a cooperative Parish between the Auburn Wesley Foundation and Armstrong, Loachapoka, and Notasulga Churches. The primary mission of the parish is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We aim to create a partnership of spirit and energy from the Wesley combined with the experience and wisdom of the Churches. The Parish seeks to create an environment of servant leadership development for the students and to create revitalization in each Church community.  Click here to see the map and addresses of the churches.

Who are the student pastors?

   The student pastors are college students or recently graduated college students who seek to live out a call of service or ministry. They may or may not be feeling the call to ordained ministry. We invite any student who has a willingness to serve. The student pastors are people who want to continue to grow, develop, and discern through serving God.

 What are the roles of the student pastors?

The Student Pastors will perform the various functions and roles necessary for each church. Each student pastor’s work and development will be guided by a learning covenant set between the student pastor and the Parish Director. The overall mission and vision will be set by the Parish (which will include the Student Pastors). The Student Pastors will help to reflect and lead the Parish in this vision. This program asks each church to be lay driven and to create a healthy lay/clergy partnership. The student pastors will be asked to take on the functions and responsibilities of pastoral leadership and help the parish develop the ministries and mission to further the Kingdom of God.

The 3-6 Student Pastors will be selected to create a Pastoral Team that will serve the Parish. These will be expected to take on a primary role of responsibility and leadership, be part of a Parish incubator team (Made up of representatives from the parish), and will receive a stipend.

All Student Pastors will be part of a weekly staff meetings. This group will be a time of reflection, planning, teaching, and growth for the Pastoral Team. Over the course of the two semesters the student pastors will increase in their leadership development and activity in the Parish.

The Student Pastors will be deployed in groupings. Where they will be sent is based on the Church needs and the student pastor’s talents. The Director of the Parish will be both leading and assisting the Student Pastors in their work. The Core student pastors will receive a stipend of per month.              


·        Maintain a 10 hour per week commitment to ministry of the Parish

·        Preach in parish churches on a rotation with Lead Pastor and other student pastors

·        Strong desire to grow closer to God through love, reflection, and service

·        Desire to explore a call to ministry or service                              

·        Strong interpersonal skills

·        Comfortable in front of and leading the Parish in a variety of roles  

·        Ability to be fully present in meeting, worship, and ministry                                   

·        Good sense of humor balanced by a sense of responsibility

·        Maintain a good balance of continuing your journey with Christ, work, school, Wesley, family and friends

 Student Pastor Responsibilities for both Core and Support Pastors:

·        Be a servant leader in the Parish as needed by the Lead Pastor of the Parish

·        Develop and lead Bible studies and/or Christian Education experiences in the Parish

·        Meet weekly with the Parish Pastor Team as part of a covenant group

·        Prepare for weekly Parish worship, events, and discipleship opportunities

·        Attend Parish worship services

·        Assist in offering pastoral care and making visits to parishioners

·        Attend and participate in Retreat and Training

·        Participate in the creation of the Student Pastor Program

·        Help foster a relationship of connection between each group in the Parish; partnership creation

·        Other duties as assigned


·        Opportunity to serve and love, now

·        Being a disciple and making new disciples

·        Guided time of discernment as to your call to ministry/serve

·        Creating relationships with parishioners

·        Significant leadership experience

·        Opportunity to create a new model of pastoral and parish ministry

·        Stipend

***Specific Dates and Duties are Subject to Change***

Selection Procedure

All interested and qualified students should complete this application by 11:59PM, March 25h, 2018.  Email Anna with any questions.


For more information, please contact Rev. Dr. Anna Crews Camphouse. Cell: 909.706.2245.